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  • Brush up on your Olympics knowledge

    We’re very excited for the Olympics, especially after enjoying all the action from the recent Olympic trials in Iowa. While browsing the wrestling stalls at the event, we found an interesting new book that sounded ideal for getting psyched for the London 2012. This special wrestling book will celebrate all the achievements of wrestling Olympiads[...]

  • Olympic Team for 2012

    The US Olympic Team Wrestling trials took place this weekend, with Iowa hosting the action packed weekend. There were highs and lows for many of the wrestlers involved, but the Olympic team for 2012 has now been named.The 220 strong field of wrestlers was whittled down to just 18 who will be competing in this[...]

  • Live stronger, live longer

    Scouring the Internet yesterday, we came across a list of still surviving professional wrestlers, many in their 90's. Which 1) Is incredible and 2) makes us wonder if the key to a long and healthy life is wrestling.
    In today's society, people are living longer, this is generally down to a balanced diet, fitness and keeping[...]

Wrestling Sisters place in ANC

Until his daughters became interested in the sport, Brent Harvey had no real clue about wrestling.
Now, both of his daughters, Brittany, a junior and Brook and Freshman, wrestle for the Brighton High School Boys varsity wrestling team. They are a competitive duo and their father has founded a women's wrestling team in Michigan, which teaches[...]

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