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  • New Adidas Wrestling Shoes

    Adidas has been making shoes since before I was born, and they make high quality wrestling shoes for grapplers of all ages. The Adidas logo is known the world over, but the company is based in Germany. The Germans have a rich history in wrestling, although the sport currently does not enjoy as much interest[...]

  • Cool Wrestling Shoes

    No matter the age, wrestlers come to mywrestlingroom.com for cool wrestling shoes and all their wrestling gear. We have a great selection of shoes for hitting the mat from the top brands on the market. The color combinations and styles are the newest available and My Wrestling Room is proud to bring them to you[...]

  • Wrestling Accessories

    There are a lot of places to find wrestling accessories on the web, but only one spot to find the best gear at the lowest prices: mywrestlingroom.com! Mywrestlingroom.com is run by wrestlers, for wrestlers. We have extensive connections to the wrestling community, and we get more feedback on our products every day[...]

Wrestling Knee Pads: The Question of Performance

Among the wrestling community there is a perennial debate on the value of knee pads for wrestling.  While the importance of knee pads for those with injury is unquestioned, and some wrestlers opt to wear a knee pad as protection for their knee, many wrestlers wear knee pads on the basis that they improve performance[...]

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