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Live stronger, live longer

Posted on April 13, 2012 , by junowebdesign

Scouring the Internet yesterday, we came across a list of still surviving professional wrestlers, many in their 90's. Which 1) Is incredible and 2) makes us wonder if the key to a long and healthy life is wrestling.

In today's society, people are living longer, this is generally down to a balanced diet, fitness and keeping happy.

The list of older wrestlers in incredible, the oldest living wrestler is Angelo Savoldi who is currently 97 years old!

The oldest professional wrestler lived to the ripe age of 101, Abe Coleman from Poland.

Betty Wagner, the wife and valet of Gorgeous George, lived to 98.

When you look down the list there are some amazing people who existed, right back the hay days of when wrestlers followed carnivals and challenged audiences to wrestle them. There were some world heavy weights and some renowned wrestlers. Who, in their own way, should be remembered.

More and more are coming to light, and unfortunately leaving us, what would be great is to get their stories and understand how wrestling has grown as a sport, not just in the past 100 years but over centuries. Remember, wrestling is possibly one of the oldest sports in the world.

So what will help you live to the 90 mark?

Well, as long as you keep fit, don't over do the burgers and eat a healthy balanced diet, see your family, see your friends and overall be happy and keep your mind active, we think you could probably reach a great age.

Then, if you succeed in your wrestling career, your name can appear on the list.

But for the mean time, don't wish your life away, live for now and get out there!

Train hard, enjoy life and love the sport of wrestling,

Live Stronger, Live longer!

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