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  • Sambo Wrestling

    Continuing our tour of wrestling styles from around the world, today we’re heading to Eastern Europe and Azerbaijan to look at Sambo wrestling. This is a diverse wrestling style that concentrates on fast groundwork and throwing skills.

    Sambo literally translates as self-defense without weapons. It is a relatively recent form of wrestling and was only developed[...]

  • Collegiate Wrestling

    If you are in the final stretch of your high school years and are hoping to go onto college or university, you have probably considered what you want to study when you get there.

    It's sometimes difficult to decide what you want to do, but did you realize that taking up a sport at college can[...]

  • Head case

    We've been taking a little look at some of the injuries that can occur when not warming up properly to train for wrestling. We've looked at feet, we've looked at knees and today we're looking at possibly one of the most important parts of your body, your head.
    Yes, the head is a wondrous place, it[...]

Its all in the knees

If you have suffered a swollen knee, tenderness of your knee feels weak, this can be a sign of a sprain around the knee.

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