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  • Racism in sport

    It is an incredibly hot and worthy topic at the moment, Racism in sport, especially games such as football is still a serious allegation.
    In the UK, football seems to have taken a real beating when it comes to racism in sport, so much in fact, that David Cameron, the Prime Minister addressed the press saying[...]

  • Summer camps

    It might seem like a world away, but summer is fast approaching and now is the time to think about what you want to do.
    You could chill out and spend time with friends, or going on vacation with your family. Another option is to sign up to a summer camp. Those who are moving from[...]

  • Sambo Wrestling

    Continuing our tour of wrestling styles from around the world, today we’re heading to Eastern Europe and Azerbaijan to look at Sambo wrestling. This is a diverse wrestling style that concentrates on fast groundwork and throwing skills.

    Sambo literally translates as self-defense without weapons. It is a relatively recent form of wrestling and was only developed[...]

A Wrestling Inspiration

Imagine a boy, born without his right leg, to a mother of 16. For the majority of this life he wears a prosthetic leg, but dumps it at the age of 7 because he is so over putting it on and off again. He then joins a wrestling team at the age of 14. Nothing[...]

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