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Its all in the knees

Posted on February 13, 2012 , by junowebdesign

Last week the My Wrestling Room team, took a look at problems that can occur with feet. Today we're focusing on knees. This area can take a real hammering, but with the right support, protection and exercise, you can strengthen the muscles around the kneecap to prevent and minimize injury.

The most common injury to the knees in wrestling tend to be ligament damage, if you know more and the structure and makeup of your body and joints, such as the knee, this will enable to you stop bad injuries before they occur.

If you have suffered a swollen knee, tenderness of your knee feels weak, this can be a sign of a sprain around the knee.

It is difficult to prevent all injuries and the sport of wrestling will always have those minor problems, but the first great way to avoid anything that will damage is to warm up. A decent warm up will stretch those muscles and get blood pumping around. Get your body to the point where you are literally sweating and then stretch out those muscles and ligaments and take your time about it. Breathe into your stretches, the more oxygen you take in the more the muscles benefit.

Another way to prevent damage when taking the force of a blow through the knees is protective pads. These will support the knee all around, enabling full movement and providing the strength you need to knock down your opponent.

Some knee problems will require that you take time off to let your knee heal and there may be problems which mean you have to be off you feet for weeks. As a member of a wrestling team, this is not great news, so take our advice, warm up, use protection and take good care of your knees. Exercise to build up strength and generally take care of your body.

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