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Foot problems

Posted on February 10, 2012 , by junowebdesign

Most of the time during wrestling, we'd like to think we will be on our feet. Unfortunately not everyone takes great care of their feet, in fact they are one area of the body which tends to be forgotten about.

Wrestlers should maintain good feet to insure the minimizing of injury and that they will forever be light on their feet.

Flat feet has always been a bit of a cliche in that it can stop people doing certain sports or being enrolled into the army, but technology has come so far that even those flat footers amongst us, can gain great support in modern sports shoes. Wrestling shoes are built to be light weight but support the foot across the top. In wrestling you need to stick to the mat, but when you are grappling, pushing and pulling, your feet are under a lot of pressure and in positions which are not normal in everyday use. If your shoes do not fit properly and your feet are either too tight, being pinched or too big and your feet are sliding around in the shoe, you may find damage to your toes and toenails. Toenail damage is possibly one of the most uncomfortable injuries and can eventually cause the nails to become infected and drop off. Not very nice.

We suggest that you make sure that you wash your feet properly and after your shower or bath, cut the nail straight across, this keeps the short and prevents them catching in your shoes, it also minimizes nails becoming infected.

An infected toenail can put wrestlers out for weeks, due to the pressure on the infected area, it can also cause a bit of a limp.

If you do suffer on a regular basis, it is always advisable to go and see your specialist, as they can offer medication or a small procedure.

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