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  • The Terrapins make history.

    The No# 12 Terrapins wrestling squad have taken down and pinned their opponents, going unbeaten since the start of the season.  This thanksgiving weekend was no different as they entered the Northeast Duals Competition and swept it clean for the first time in the tournaments history.  The Terps (6-0) won an outstanding 25 of their 30[...]

  • Rock on and wrestle down

    The day after Thanksgiving there will be some left overs, you may enjoy a turkey sandwich or enjoy smashing pumpkin pie down you. But Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins’ fame has other ideas than eating cold stuffing and mash potatoes.
    Today his very own pro-wrestling company is showing live for the first time in Chicago, though[...]

  • Greg Strobal

    Greg Strobel is an incredible wrestler and coach, due to his sporting career Strobel will be entering the wrestling hall of fame in 2012

The key to winning a classic

The Keystone Classic in Philadelphia is one of the most prized college wrestling competitions in the North East Region. Winning this event can set you up mentally and physically for the up and coming tournaments, competitions and championships. It seems an experienced senior and a first year freshman have conquered in their weight category in[...]

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