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The key to winning a classic

Posted on November 21, 2011 , by charley

The Keystone Classic in Philadelphia is one of the most prized college wrestling competitions in the North East Region. Winning this event can set you up mentally and physically for the up and coming tournaments, competitions and championships. It seems an experienced senior and a first year freshman have conquered in their weight category in this year’s classic.


Bryan Ortenzio won the 133 pound weight class for the second time in only 3 years, his first victory in this classic came in 2009 before his redshirt junior season. “I always try to bring out my best performance here,” Ortenzio said. “I’ve been itching to get back on the mat.” Ortenzio won 6-5 against Harvard’s representative Steven Keith even though he had given up three penalty points in the last minutes for stalling.

In the 149 pound weight category, two freshmen made the final, but it was Steve Robertson who came out on top, beating Boston University’s Neston Taffur. Robertson was down 1-0 at the beginning of the third period but managed to tie the match with an escape and finish it off with a take down. “I just popped his arms up, shoved him with a double leg and took him down at the edge,” said Robertson.
“I’ve been really impressed by our freshman class,” Ortenzio said.

The freshmen rose to glory with their performances in this wrestling competition, many made the quarters and semifinals of the tournament. Ian Korb who is placed 4th in his 174 pound weight class after a great run of tournaments finished 3rd, another noble freshman is Erich Smith who also finished with a medal in his 184 pound weight class.
It seems like the freshman of today are getting the right coaching and tournament experience to rank them high up in the nationals. If this carries on there will be no end of well-produced adults, skilled enough to fight in their weight classes and even possibly the Olympics.

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