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Wrestling Icons- Mark Perry

Posted on October 31, 2011 , by charley

Mark Perry was boring into a well wrestled family, his father and uncle both wrestled and coached at the Oklahoma State University, which lead him into becoming a wrestler also.
Like many other wrestlers, Mark started his career in High School where he finishing 169-7 where he had a senior crusade that was impeccable as he went 39-0. In his time at High School he became a 3 time AISCS All-American, helped his team to 3 national titles and became one of the first wrestlers to win the Outstanding Wrestler honors at prep national championship two consecutive times and that’s just to name a few. In 2003 his career hit off when he won the Dan Hodge Junior Trophy.
Perry then studied at the University of Iowa becoming a redshirt, where in his first season he posted a record of 14-0 and then going 6-0 in the World Team Freestyle Trials, making him a hot prospect.
The following season he wrestled as an All-American and was first runner up in his 165lbs weight division at the NCAA Championships and also at the Big Ten Championships. He was credited with the NWCA Rookie of the Year award and the Mike Howard Most Valuable Wrestler Award that same season.
His final season at College was probably his most prolific, in the ’07-’08 season he became the NCAA champion and became the 17th person to become an All-American for the fourth time and the 14th person to with the NCAA for the second time running. Unfortunately he had to take some time of due to nursing an injury in which he needed surgery. But when he had fully recovered he came back harder than before.
In the years and seasons I didn’t cover he earned and won multiple awards, trophies and championships making him renowned within his community and college.
Mark Perry is not only an All-America, he is a four time All-America and we still love him for that, don’t stop what you’re doing you are a wrestling marvel to behold.

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