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Rock on and wrestle down

Posted on November 25, 2011 , by charley

The day after Thanksgiving there will be some left overs, you may enjoy a turkey sandwich or enjoy smashing pumpkin pie down you. But Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins’ fame has other ideas than eating cold stuffing and mash potatoes.

Today his very own pro-wrestling company is showing live for the first time in Chicago, though Corgan is on tour at the moment in Europe and will miss the live opening, he states “We have to start in Chicago and build a name for ourselves and build enough of a reputation to take it other places. It's a serious endeavor. I want this to succeed strictly on its ideas. If I had to artificially prime the audience because of my musical life that's sad. This is going to succeed on its own ideas, not because I jumped the shark.”

Corgan explained that he was a wrestling fan as a child but had forgotten about it when fame got to him, but recently in the past couple of years he’s found his childhood love for it again, which made him have the desire to set up his very own league. He compliments people saying that he wants people to realize their dreams and show their talents.
Corgan goes on to mention 'We're going to be doing something that's a little bit old school and a little bit new school, we want everybody working for us to be successful out of the indie ranks.

'I went through the same thing in my band where when you start to become successful the indie world starts to turn against you. That won't be the case with our promotion. We want people to work at the highest levels, WWE, TNA. We want everybody to develop their skills and we want the fans to support that.'

Corgan first announced the Resistance-Pro League in August, since then they have been working hard to find wrestlers to add to the roster and working on an opening night and venue.
The league will be debuting today on Black Friday at the Excalibur in Chicago.
This puts a new element to the words ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’

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