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The Terrapins make history.

Posted on November 28, 2011 , by charley

The No# 12 Terrapins wrestling squad have taken down and pinned their opponents, going unbeaten since the start of the season.  This thanksgiving weekend was no different as they entered the Northeast Duals Competition and swept it clean for the first time in the tournaments history.  The Terps (6-0) won an outstanding 25 of their 30 games in the competition, giving them an 83% win record, the first time this has been seen at the Northeast Comp held in Troy N.Y.

"It's really exciting," Coach Kerry McCoy said. "Every time we step on the mat, we
want to win, and we're doing the right thing and really showing our competition. We've always had one loss at this event in the past, so it was great to come out undefeated this time. We really dominated the competition and that's what our expectations are."

Two wrestlers exceeding in this competition and improved their unbeaten seasons, 165 pound. Josh Asper who is ranked No# 2 won 3 matches going 10-0 on the season, whilst 197 pound Christian Boley also won 3 matches taking him to 9-0 on the season.

The Terps first contest in N.Y against Bucknell showed their power and sheer desire to fight.  They won all 10 matches against them and went 40-0, a sign of how they were going to be for the rest of the day.  From this they won 9 of 10 matches against North
Iowa Panthers
going 37-6 and then they went on to a close victory over Central
Michigan taking 6 out of 10 matches and winning 23-15.

"Saturday was the best we've competed this year as a team," McCoy said. "We definitely
had some flashes of brilliance."  ‘Brilliance’ was an understatement with their bout against Central Michigan, matches kept going back and forth with fans and colleagues watching
they didn’t know which team was going to win.  But after the lead kept swapping from different teams, Christian Boley had a big win over his competitor, leading the Terps to a victory.

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