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Wrestling in the UK

Posted on November 4, 2011 , by charley

With the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London England next summer, there will be 18 Gold medals on offer to win, hopefully we’ll see a high percentage of Americans get this medal, what with all of the talent and past history that some of our wrestlers turned coaches have given us and have passed on down through the decades.

But when the Olympic Games are over, will this be the last time the UK sees wrestling until the next Olympic Games? It seems like they haven’t really caught on to it unlike other US based sports. America Football is now a big part of the English culture with two of our NFL teams travelling over every season to play at Wembley Stadium. Colleges and University’s over there now have their very own Football and Baseball teams, even Lacrosse is getting relatively big over there in the Colleges. One sport that is relatively popular that people buy season tickets to see and is considered Semi-Pro is Ice Hockey, with teams getting TV time and coverage for Cup Finals on ESPN.

Outside of the Colleges and Universities people have been starting making Football or Baseball clubs for people who are out of College and would still like to play no matter what age they are. Given this they would have to find their own playing field and set it to a required standard, depending on the sport they play. One team we've been following recently is the Leicester Blue Sox Baseball Club based in the heart of England. They purposely set up their own Baseball diamond each week during the season to play on, this means having to put up and take down their own back-stop and outfield fences.

The sport of Wrestling seems to be taking its time to travel over the Atlantic and make its mark by having special clubs or socials. The best way would to be to teach wrestling in High School and then offer it to them when they go to College. If they started doing this they’d probably have a chance at winning a bronze medal in the London Olympic Games.

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