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  • Ligament Damage

    One of the team at My Wrestling Room is feeling rather sorry for herself this week, due to falling over at the weekend whilst training for her chosen sport. It is incredible that she didn't break her foot, but from the look of all the terrible bruising, she might have. She has reassured us that[...]

  • Penn State have been waiting over 50 years

    Penn State offers 3 top wrestlers, all unbeaten in the NCAA wrestling tournament.
    Frank Molinaro, David Taylor and Edward Ruth have all be ranked top number one wrestlers in the country, straight from the lips of former Olympian Cael Sanderson.

    This morning we see the start of the sell out tournament including all the top wrestlers from[...]

  • Time to take them down

    Generally when you step up on the mat and face your opponent, wrestling matches can be over in a flash, or still going minutes down the line.
    Today the My Wrestling Room Team take at a look at the longest wrestling match ever held.
    During the Summer Olympics of 1912 - 100 years ago, 28 nations competed[...]

Bulk up or thin down?

The sport of wrestling commands a certain amount of fitness and when entering certain competitions you will find there are different weight categories. So where do you stand in the great weight debate?

Obviously your weight at the time determines where you enter into the weight categories. But if you feel that you would do better[...]

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