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Racism in sport

Posted on February 22, 2012 , by junowebdesign

It is an incredibly hot and worthy topic at the moment, Racism in sport, especially games such as football is still a serious allegation.

In the UK, football seems to have taken a real beating when it comes to racism in sport, so much in fact, that David Cameron, the Prime Minister addressed the press saying that he felt that the sport had been dragged back to the "bad old days" and where as it was felt that sport had moved on, the recent spat of racism cannot be ignored, it is not acceptable, not only in sport but in every day life.

"Recently racism has come back into the spotlight, with cases involving some of the most famous players in football, one of which has led to the resignation of the England manager," he said. "We simply cannot brush this under the carpet. Football will crack this problem - and the Government stands ready to help. I am absolutely clear: We will not let recent event drag us back to the bad old days of the past."

It is not just football that suffers from racist attacks, Wrestling has taken a beating, especially in WWE, where although the performance is fake, that fact that millions follow and look up to these people is far from fake.

Anyone in sport who is seen as an athlete or has a big following of fans, cannot be seen to be making racist remarks and not be taken down a peg for it. It causes huge problems and will make fans believe this is completely normal.

How is racism tackled in sport? Many are put on match bans for 2 to up to 8 matches. But this doesn't stop racism completely, where do you stand? what would you do?It really is a tricky subject to tackle.

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