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Bulk up or thin down?

Posted on February 28, 2012 , by junowebdesign

The sport of wrestling commands a certain amount of fitness and when entering certain competitions you will find there are different weight categories. So where do you stand in the great weight debate?

Obviously your weight at the time determines where you enter into the weight categories. But if you feel that you would do better in a lower category you can opt to loose some weight and slim down, still training to keep the power in the core of the body. To do this you will need to take up cardio work to burn fat and to limit the intake of calories in your diet. Doing it naturally is the best way.

On the opposite end of the scale if you want to bulk up, or have a naturally larger frame you may sit in the heavier weight categories. But remember, just because you are bigger, doesn't mean you are stronger. You will need to work on muscles and building strength. Weights mixed with cardio will produce the effects you need.

The core of your body whether light or heavy weight needs to be strong.There are some great tips to make the core strong, not only sit ups but balancing exercises which strengthen the muscles of the core. This is a yoga position call the plank, the longer you hold it the stronger you become and you will find a range of different ways to build that.

Your core helps you balance and the center of power is based here, summoning strength to pin your opponent and hold some incredible moves.

Weight does determine what category you are in, if your balancing on the line you can choose to bulk up or slim down, you never know how well you will do in either category and if it doesn't go to plan you can do the opposite.

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