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Youth Wrestling

  • The Brakeman report

    Brian Brakeman is one of the most respected men in wrestling. Most wrestling teams look directly to their coach for inspiration and motivation, but Brian has been a huge part of wrestling for the past 40 years. He is a Wrestling analyst, what exactly does this mean?
  • More basic wrestling moves

    Pinning offers a range of moves, but the basis is to simply press your opponents shoulders to the mat until the referee blows his whistle.
  • Basic Wrestling moves and stance

    Although you will always benefit from practicing moves and techniques in the flesh and joining a team, at My Wrestling Room we're going to focus on some of the most popular moves, skills and techniques and see where you can improve your own technique by breaking them down. Lets start right at the beginning, way[...]

Team Colors

If you are a part of a high school or college wrestling team, you'll see that there may be a certain uniform worn on and off the mat.

Singlets are used to be able to offer maximum movement to a wrestler without being restricted by what he or she is wearing. It also allows wrestlers to[...]

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