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Common Wrestling Injuries

Posted on January 11, 2012 , by junowebdesign

It is something we all try to avoid when stepping up to the mat, but there are times when you may sustain an injury from sore fingers to ligament damage.

The My Wrestling Room team take a look at common wrestling injuries and how to avoid them.

Being a demanding and physical sport, Wrestling generally commands injuries such as strains and sprains. Serious injuries can occur but to minimise any type of injury the correct protective gear should be worn and moves executed correctly.

According to statistics, Wrestling and Football are the sports that produce the most injuries at college, but what can a wrestler expect if meeting their opponent?

Bruising is common, so common in fact, if you don't have a bruise from wrestling, you haven't been doing it properly!

Ankle and Wrist sprains are the most common sprains.

Muscle burn and aches occur from hard training sessions and sometimes wrestlers can over train becoming exhausted and not allowing the body and muscles to recover completely.

Moving onto the bigger joints, Shoulder injuries can be caused from grappling and twisting, as can knee injuries.

Elbows can take a lot of stick but like anything it is about prevention rather than cause.

So how can you minimise injury, firstly when wrestling make sure you warm up correctly and spend time stretching your ligaments and hamstrings.

Wear protective gear, head and ear guards and knee guards and supports can reduce injury dramatically and save you a lot of pain and worry.

When in training, avoid any of the harsh slamming or twisting moves. If you really need to used those moves, do softer versions and save the real deal until the competition.

A serious injury can put a sports person out for weeks whilst the body recovers and this can be really frustrating.


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