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Youth Wrestling

  • Running yourself down

    Sometimes we don't feel 100% when we think we really should. We might be training hard, studying hard and dedicating ourselves to a busy rota, but the honest truth could be, that we could be doing too much.

    When the body's immune system is low, the barrier that protects us from illness, we can become open[...]

  • Summer Fitness

    While you might not be looking forward to the end of the wrestling season, there's lots you can do over the summer to keep in top shape. We're gathered a few tips to help you make the most of your time off.
    Set Some Goals
    Now's the time to think what you want to achieve next season[...]

  • Bulk up or thin down?

    The sport of wrestling commands a certain amount of fitness and when entering certain competitions you will find there are different weight categories. So where do you stand in the great weight debate?

    Obviously your weight at the time determines where you enter into the weight categories. But if you feel that you would do better[...]

Taming stage fright

As well as being in good physical condition, it’s important to be mentally prepared for competitions. We might be looking to impress the coach or our parents, or even just ourselves. With a sport such as wrestling, this can be extremely demanding, and it’s often easy to feel the pressure.
Stress is the body’s reaction to[...]

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