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Running yourself down

Posted on March 9, 2012 , by junowebdesign

Sometimes we don't feel 100% when we think we really should. We might be training hard, studying hard and dedicating ourselves to a busy rota, but the honest truth could be, that we could be doing too much.

When the body's immune system is low, the barrier that protects us from illness, we can become open to colds and infections. We can generally feel totally run down, tired and irritable, even with low moods and thoughts.

This is generally because we need a break and we need to let our bodies recover from a very busy schedule. Many people thrive on a busy lifestyle, but for some it can cause many problems.

If you are part of a wrestling team and tend to work out every day to make sure your fitness is at the optimum, you may find that rather than feeling on top of the world, you could be feeling worse. Generally, when we are run down, or ill, exercising can actually make us feel worse, it also doesn't help when the body is trying to recover from illness.

What are the best things to combat being run down?

Many people will soldier on, but what actually happens is that the body doesn't recover properly and the illness can linger for weeks.

The best thing to do if you are not feeling your best is to have a break, take a week off and let your body recover. If it is simply a question of feeling the pressure, get on vacation.  A week in the sun is great for body and mind. You need to detach and relax.

Other tips, if you can't take a break is meditation, some you time, taking a break from the routine and make sure your body is well rested that means heading to bed earlier than normal.

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