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Wrestling Icons- Bruce Baumgartner

Posted on October 19, 2011 , by charley

Bruce Baumgartner is recognisable for always having a fantastic moustache and is without doubt Americas most decorated and well deserved Wrestlers.  The amount of Wrestling medals and career highlights he has collected is so incredible that the list is as long as my arm.  However, you can also credit him for the work he does off the mat as well.

Starting with his career, he was held as the top wrestler on his high school team going 23-0 and only losing in the New Jersey State Championship match.  After high school he attended the Indiana state University, where he joined the wrestling team.  During his sophomore and junior years, he became 1st runner in the Nationals, but was the 1982 National Champion, finishing his year off undefeated winning an outstanding 44-0.  It was 1984 when his career hit a peak and he won Gold in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in the 130kg freestyle category, making him a prized American Wrestler.  In 1988, he won Silver in the Seoul Olympic Games losing to Georgian Davit Gobejishvili.  4 years later history was made for all American Wrestlers everywhere.  Baumgartner
defeated Georgian Davit Gobejishvili in the finals of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, which made history for him and hit his best career highlight.  Along with his numerous medals, Baumgartner won Bronze in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games where he proudly carried the American Flag out in the opening ceremony. 3 Gold’s, 3 Silvers and 3 Bronze medals were collected in the World Championships and 3 Gold’s and 1 Silver in the Pan American Games.

Baumgartner’s work off the mat has inspired many others. His motivational speeches have become a popular event for over 600 groups.   He talks about goal setting, success, coaching, fitness & diet, working hard, motivational and teamwork along with many other aspects of wrestling and every day morals.  Most importantly, Baumgartner owns a Wrestling Camp where 15 specific types of camp are offered, depending on which skill you would like to train for. The camps include technique, take down, fighting and heavy weight. Some camps run for 4 days and others run for up to two weeks.

With everything he has achieved and his current projects, Bruce Baumgartner is one of Americas most loved wrestling heroes, he works with a certain majesty that you just can’t describe and is an inspiration to all. Please never shave your moustache Bruce, at My Wrestling Room, we believe it is the key to your power.

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