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Wrestlers Dream Comes True

Posted on December 29, 2011 , by junowebdesign

An amateur wrestler from Ottawa has won a place on the Canadian Wrestling Team that will take him to next summer’s Olympic Games in London.

Devon Nicholson won a silver medal in the Greco-Roman Olympics Trails in Winnipeg giving him alternative credit for the Canadian Wrestling Team that will be travelling overseas next summer.

Nicholson who is 29, 6 foot 3 and fights in the 275 pound category, has no real coach to guide him along the way.  This was actually his first tournament in the Greco-Roman style, in which he only had a basic understanding of the rules.  He admitted that most of the moves he learnt from watching videos on YouTube.

Because of the lack of  coach support, his personal training regime includes lifting weights, flipping tractor tires and pushing his own SUV around the parking lot at a supermarket.

Because of his size when Nicholson goes to the wrestling teams gym to train, there is no one to spar with, so he has to take on two 200 pound-er, where he tries to bump each other off until he is worn down, to try and imitate epic 2 minute rounds.

"Devon, I followed your matches today and must suggest that this is the most glorious day of your life," begins an email from Dean Sherratt, president of the National Capital Wrestling Club, where Nicholson also trains twice a week. "Devon came near to giving me a tear in my eye because he was so alone," Sherratt said later.

Nicholson has had a full brimmed history and has stories to tell, one of which got him into the style of Greco-Roman wrestling was the fact he was offered a WWE contract and was going to be rostered to fight the likes of big WWE stars like Triple H, John Cena and The Miz.  But unfortunately his contract was withdrawn after a medical showed him to have Hepatitis C.

Here at mywrestlingroom.com wish him the best of luck in the Olympic Games next year and hope this story leads on to more people never wanting to give up their dream to go on to big things.

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