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  • Mental Preparation for Wrestling

    Mental preparation is an essential part of wrestling. You might be at your peak of physical fitness and wrestling skill, but this won’t translate into match wins if your mind isn’t in the right place. So, how can you get a head start in getting your head around those big matches?

    No Negatives
    The way that you[...]

  • Pros and Cons of Wrestling

    We all love wrestling, but what are the advantages and disadvantages that many wrestlers run into? From physical to mental strength, this is one sport that definitely has a lot to offer.

    Physical Fitness
    If you want a sport that encourages physical fitness, then wrestling is hard to beat. You need to be in top physical condition[...]

  • Getting Your Head around Headgear

    Headgear is one of the most important bits of kit for any wrestler. It’s required for all folkstyle competitions at scholastic and collegiate levels, and for good reason. Headgear, or ear guards, will protect injuries to your ears and head – but how do you make sure to get the right one for you and[...]

Womens World Cup

It’s not only the Olympics that we’ve got to look forward to this summer. This weekend the Women’s World Cup is taking place in Japan, with some top Olympiad competitors as well as the top teams from around the world.

The US team will battle it out with the top eight nations from the 2011 World[...]

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