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The Manly Art of Wrestling

Posted on December 20, 2011 , by junowebdesign

On January the 5th 1929, the Milwaukee Journal wrote an article about wrestling, depicting it as an art form for young people to get interested in and commit themselves to.

Back then everything seemed to have a majesty to it, each sport was condoned to be the best for different reasons.  Even now films are made, depicting different sports set in this era, which promotes how great everything was back in good old those days.

But apart from technology, has the sport of wrestling really changed that much?  Taking aside the way that wrestling has evolved over the years with how scores are attained, to how people protect themselves, not really much has changed.  Wrestling to this day has the same morals as it used to have back in the past.  It is a sport of pride and fearlessness as you try and submit your opponent and win points for the moves you pull or can get out of.  It can transform teenagers in to adults and make them more mature in their actions.

Throughout the years wrestling was designed to make boys into men, but not men in the fashion that they would put on an army uniform and fight for their country.  But more as a way to make them seem more respectful and as a manner to carry on ways of being chivalrous to different generations, that would take up this sport.

Even now as films try and promote young culture, especially in high school leading towards college as in movies like America Pie.  It seems like these films try and persuade to take a more lax approach to adulthood and promote the mantra that they should enjoy their years as a teenager or young adult.  But we must forget that we should act with a bit of dignity when it comes to our sports and be more professional in the conflict of battle.  This is what the people who first invented the sport envisaged and we should follow these guidelines and act with a sense of pride when performing.


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