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Oral injuries

Posted on March 23, 2012 , by junowebdesign

After a much awaited trip to the Orthodontist this week, it got the team at My Wrestling Room thinking about their own Hollywood smiles and that of the sport of wrestling.

Wrestling can command some injuries, which tend to be bruises and maybe slight strains on the muscles and ligaments, but sometimes the mouth can get a bit of a beating, whether from an elbow or a hand that's slipped, it is best practice to, whenever possible, wear a mouth guard.

The Horse-shoe shaped rubber or plastic guard is designed to slip into the mouth and over the teeth, protecting those pearly whites and the gums surrounding them.

Studies have shown that mouth injuries are pretty common, producing cut lips and gums and over half of students taking sports don't actually wear a mouth guard. They prevent over 200,000 cased of damage to teeth and gums during the high school and college football season.

You'll find 3 different types of Mouth guard available, stock which are simply ready to go, mold formed, where you place the guard in boiling water and when it softens bite into it to take a mold of your teeth, finally you'll find custom mouth guards, obviously being the most expensive of the three.

The American Dental Association promote the use of mouth guards especially in contact and team sports. When you have finished using your guard for the day, make sure you rise it properly and place it back in its container to dry properly.

Investing in a mouth guard is a great way to prevent injury and minimize damage to your teeth and gums, after all, who wants a set of teeth with a couple missing???

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