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Into the 400 win club

Posted on December 27, 2011 , by junowebdesign


Fox Lane Wrestling Coach Joe Amuso has already got a CV that will impress most people, he is already the section 1 coach with the highest amount of wins in history, but Fox Lanes victory of Clarkstown South tipped Joe Amuso to the 400th win bracket, decorating with a great achievement in his career.

“It’s always nice to get to a milestone like that,” Amuso said. “But the kids are the ones that did it for me and teaching at the same school made it easier. I just stayed with the program.”

Amuso has been coaching at Fox Lane for over 40 years and in this time he has had 400 wins, 137 losses and 6 draws.

“Forty-one years ago, that thought was never in my mind,” Amuso said of reaching the 400-win mark. “I just took it year after year.”

The visiting Clarkstown South Vikings nearly caused an upset to Fox Lane as the match finished closer than Amuso would’ve hoped for.  Experience changed the result for Fox Lane as some of their senior members of the team battled it out to win the meeting.

“We had a couple kids out of the lineup and fortunately going into 152, we were only down by 10 points,” he said. “We had more of our experienced wrestlers coming up and Giancarlo (Morreale) tied it up and Matt Pasqualini finished it off with the win.  Give South credit though, their kids wrestled really hard. They were ready.”

Amuso has lead the Foxes faithful to four section titles in the past ten years, one in 2004, 2008, 2009 and this year 2011.  Up until last week he was the only coach in section history to reach 300 wins, but Mahopac coach Dennis DiSanto secured the milestone with his team last week.

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