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Your Future career in Wrestling

Posted on September 14, 2011 , by charley

During his junior year at High School, Brian Van Hoven noticed a few odd fans at his wrestling matches. They were Marines Recruiters, and were sat with wrestling coaches and scouts.

Van Hoven was incredibly skilled at Wrestling, and began the sport very young, under the watchful and encouraging eye of his uncle, a former professional boxer and his mother.  During high School, Van Hoven's wrestling skills gave him a 117-14 career record and two runner up prizes in the State Championship. This is when he decided about where his career should go. Should he attend college like thousands of others, then onto univeristy? Or should he sign up for the forces and combine his wrestling skills with the military life as a marine.

Van Hoven decided that the forces mixed with his love for Wrestling would be a winning combination. Not only did he have to work hard physically and mentally for the marines, he had to attend try outs to get on the wrestling team. After joining the infantry and getting on the wrestling team, he was soon wrestling in Russia, Sweden and Finland, travelling all over the world for the love of his sport. Being with the marines gave him even more opportunities of travel and culture. This is the kind of things high school wrestlers dream about, competiting internationally.

After 10 years in the marines, and numerous competitions including placing 7th at the Olympic trials and becoming a professional MMA Figher, Van Hoven has wound his military career down, as he is now married with two children.

So there you have it, you have to reach for your goals, if you love wrestling and love the sport, and possibly crave a career that includes travel, learning, fighting for your country and wrestling, the marines is a great place to start a wonderful and long career. You have our total support, here at My Wrestling Room.


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