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Wrestling on the red carpet.

Posted on September 5, 2011 , by charley

Vision Quest hit the big screens way back in 1985. This film tracks the life of Louden Swain, who just turns 18 and wants to set himself high goals and carry on his wrestling to fight against Brian Shute, who at the time is the best High School Wrestler in Washington.

Taylor Lautner, who you possibly also know as Jacob Black from Twilight, had been pitched to play Louden Swain in a remake of the 1985 Vision Quest. He is currently playing a pre matman in another film- Abduction.

Abduction is currently being filmed in Pittsburgh. This new age thriller follows the story of a boy who needs to find out the truth about his life after he discovers his baby photo on a missing persons website. The film is being directed by John Singleton, who won two Oscars for Boyz In The Hood.

Scenes are currently being filmed at Hampton High School, just outside of Pittsburgh. The producers have hired the cheerleaders, drill team, and marching band from the school to be extras in the film. Abduction will feature the same colours, same mascots and same name as the school. Hampton High School Wrestling Team members were cast as Lautner's opponents, and their coach, a teacher of Maths, would train Lautner hard for his role in the film.

In the movie Launters character is a prep wrestler and has to go up against his main opponents who is played by Jacob Hart, who is Hampton High School's matman, and has an outstanding performance with a  26-9 record. Hart quoted he never looses, but needed to let Lautner win because of the story of the film, although Hart is over the moon about his film debut.

Abduction will hit the cinemas on the 23rd September 2011. If you love Jacob the werewolf from the Twilight Movies, you will love this film, a great representation of high school life.

Abduction trailer


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