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Wrestling in Black and White

Posted on September 12, 2011 , by charley

The New Season is upon us, and this possibly means purchasing new wrestling kit including shoes.

Where fashion hits the high street with trends such as monochrome, the team at My Wrestling Room have picked the best black and white Wrestling Shoes for this season.

1) AdiSTAR Beijing Wrestling Shoe, originally built for the Beijing Olympics, this is back for 2011, lightweight, flexible, fast with climacool and 360 wraparound Adidas strips to provide support to the foot and arches. This is a neat shoe, with lace cover. Blind your opponents with this incredible white shoe.

2) The Pretereo 2 II is designed for maximum stability, durability and performance. This black wrestling shoe is new for the 2011 season and is suitable for all levels of high school of college wrestler.

3) Adidas are really rolling their range of new wrestling shoes this season, the Combat Speed 3 III is the first white version of this particular shoe. This was the wrestling shoe of choice for decades, and has been updated to include a highly breathable mesh. This shoe has been the choice of champions, be the first to wear the White Combat Speed 3 III.

4) Asics Gel MatFlex 3GS is another new flexible breathable wrestling shoe for the new season, with a lace garage.

These are some of the top picks of black and white wrestling shoes for the new season. blind your opponent with a pair of bright white wrestling shoes, step up like a stealth in a pair of black wrestling shoes.

My Wrestling Room stocks the best equipment for high school and college wrestling, the provide you with comfort, flexibility, help you to perform at your optimum and look the part when you're stalking the mat.

Whether you're a youth or an adult, the best shoes come in all sizes, so you don't have to miss out on new products, looking and competing at the best level.



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