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Wrestling Icons- Jeff Buxton

Posted on November 2, 2011 , by charley

Jeff Buxton not only has accomplished a lot on the mat, but his work after retiring from his wrestling career is something no one can complain about. What he has gone out to achieve for the youth wrestlers of today is a brilliant thing for the community and for youngsters.
Starting out with his career, Buxton produced a lot of fond memories for himself and highlights that he today passes on to the children he teaches. His personal highlights include wrestling 4 seasons in a row whilst going undefeated, becoming National Prep Champion, becoming Athlete of the Year in his native Rhode Island, becoming a member of his High School Hall of Fame and becoming the Outstanding Wrestler in the regional Olympic Trails. Whilst doing all of this, outside of wrestling he actually earned 13 varsity letters in football and lacrosse as well.

Moving to his coaching career, Buxton became head coach of Blair Academy in New Jersey in 1982.  Previous to this, Buxton had led the Academy in winning 31 consecutive National Prep titles, crowning him the most successful High School Coach in the United States. Because of this marvel he has received the Lifetime Achievement Award making it one of his favorite personal achievements.
A parent once commented saying "I gave Jeff one of my most prized things in life, my son. The only thing that matters to a parent is his children. Jeff would be a mentor as a wrestling coach and as a human being. We made the right decision. Jeff’s record is incredible.” Showing that Jeff takes his wrestling seriously, but more importantly the welfare and safety of the children.  His style of coaching helps youngsters to grow up and mature as a person on the wrestling mat and also outside in the worlds environment.
Due to this Jeff Buxton is a genius of a man and a brilliant person, if you are in the area of his Academy and your child is contemplating getting into wrestling  you don't have to think about where to take him because Jeff is a life coach as well as being a wrestling coach.

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