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Wrestling Icons- Ben Askren

Posted on October 26, 2011 , by charley

Ben Askren is a former American amateur wrestler but being as ‘funky’ as he is; he’s now a Bellator Welterweight Champion.  Being a mixed martial artist he has a lot to write about on his CV, even including disc golf! Starting with his wrestling career, ‘funky’ was born in July 1984 and live in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  He attended the Arrowhead High School in Hartland Wisconsin where he won two state wrestling championships.  He maintained this steady course of wins and style of wrestling which he carried on to the University of Missouri. In college he wrestled in a specific weight class of 174lbs where in 2006 and 2007 he won the NCAA championship.  His incredible pinning ability, unorthodox style and massive afro that he always seemed to grace added to his ‘funky’ nickname. In the 2005-06 season he went undefeated going 45-0, leading him to win his class weight at both the Big 12 and NCAA championships.  Due to this season being so superb for him,
he won the Outstanding Wrestler award as well as the Dan Hodge Trophy and the
Rev Wrestler of the Year.  With this credit, going into his Senior year in ’06-’07 he continued to outweigh all of his opponents with his majestic style.  With his tall, lanky body shape he could attempt moves that most amateur wrestlers couldn’t possibly pull off.  This led him to an undefeated season going 42-0 taking him on to another successful
NCAA Championship. He finished his college career going 153-8 and having an 87
match winning streak.  He is known in the record books for being 3rd in the NCAA Division 1 for most amounts of wins by way of fall, having 91 pins and making him a 4 time All American. In 2008 he went to the Olympic Games, but lost in the round of 8.  When a commentator ask him is his inexperience was a factor in losing this match, Ben commented "That wasn't it, I just wasn't good enough. I sucked." From this he
turned his attention to the MMA and Bellator Fighting Championships, where to
this date he’s gone 8-0. On the side he enjoys playing Disc Golf and is sponsored by Discraft, he has entered many tournaments and always finished 4th or higher. Ben naturally has a ‘funky’ personality and is one heck of a guy, I would love to go for a drink
with this man sometime, but naturally I wouldn't want to bump into him down a
dark alleyway. Ben, keep on what you’re doing for American buddy.

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