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World Championships win for Burroughs.

Posted on September 19, 2011 , by charley

Jordan Burroughs stepped up onto the mat for the U.S. Open after 5 months of staying away from freestyle wrestling and now he's a world champion. Burroughs performance was incredible, beating the 2010 world silver medalist Sedegh Goudarzi of Iran 3-2, 4-1 to gain a gold medal at the World Championships.  "It's an amazing feeling right now," Burroughs said. "A lot of people doubted that I could even make the team this year. I am here, and I did it. I am feeling really good right now."

At 23, Burroughs is competing in his first Senior World Championships and has become the first U.S. world champion in freestyle since Bill Zadick in 2006.

Burroughs weighs in at 74 kilograms (163 pounds) and has Burroughs become the third University of Nebraska wrestler to win a world title joining other top names in the wrestling world.

"It felt amazing to be out there. Iran has an amazing crowd," Burroughs said. "I didn't want them to get involved, so I did my part and stayed with my offense. I felt good. I did some scrambling finally in a freestyle match. My coach told me not to reach between the legs. This time, that paid off and I got two points."

This particular win means that Burroughs has gained 3rd place for the US in the team race. They finished with 38 points, Russian won with 43 points and Iran came second with 41.

Burroughs is another name to look up to in terms of a wrestling career and has gained $50,000 from winning the gold from the Living the Dream Fund.

Burroughs has fought back after a bad knee injury in 2009.

Its onwards and upwards for Burroughs. His wrestling career includes placing 10th at the 2008 Junior World Championships, and he's renowned for his double leg take downs which he relied on during his recent win. Keep an eye on this wrestler, he's got great things to come. :)

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