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The take is too hard to watch

Posted on December 7, 2011 , by charley

As a coach, it is easy to watch your wrestlers fight, but it was a different story when head coach for Sunlake Russ Schenk’s son went on the mat to wrestler against his dads team. Tuesday night saw the Sunlake team hosting the Mustangs, which his son is a part of. Storm Schenk is a 145 pound wrestler and one of their top prospects and for his dad it was a hard pill to swallow, so he stepped aside and let his assistant coach do all of the work.

Storm, who is only a freshman, won the watch 6-3 giving the Mustangs a victory and coach Schenk a bitter sweet feeling. Naturally he was happy for his son to win the match, showing that the years he spent with him were beneficial, but as coaching goes, you have to put family matters to the side and focus on the team you are running, so at the same time he was happy for his son, he was bitterly disappointed that his team lost the match.

"That's one of my most difficult coaching situations." he said. "This is twice now that my son has wrestled against us, and I tell my wrestlers that I'm going to let my assistant coach. Last time it worked out for us and we won the match, but this time my son was able to pull it out."
Sunlake were victorious on the night, beating the Mustangs 42-34 with a lot of close decisions and matches. Sunlake won 8 of the 14 matches, but it seemed that the Mustangs were more efficient with avoiding pins.
"I tell my guys, sometimes you win when you lose." Schenk said. "The reason we won (Tuesday) is we had guys who lost decisions. Sometimes when you're wrestling a guy that's more experienced than you, if he doesn't pin you then you walk away with a small victory in a way."

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