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Florida basks in glory

Posted on October 5, 2011 , by charley

Pat Milkovich is one of the greatest college wrestlers of all time, and this season he's joining Florida Gulf Coast University to coach the Wrestling team.

Milkovich's career includes two national championships at Michigan State in 1972 and 1974 and became a member of the wrestling hall of fame in 2000. Its not just Milkovich who is a champion wrestler, he comes from a long line of wrestling greats. His father, Mike Milkovich is one of the top 10 wrestling coaches ever. His brother Tom won a national title at Michigan State and was a head coach at Auburn.

Pat Milkovich worked as a former assistant at his alma mater then moved on to Fort Myers in 2003. He's always been passionate about his wrestling and was totally unaware of the programme at Florida Gulf Coast University.

"I was helping South Fort Myers High School, but I was looking fThe or a place to land," Milkovich said. "The college level is so much different because you can't convince these guys to quit. I see myself in these kids. They want to work hard and wrestle. I am glad to have the chance to give back."

Unfortunately the club had fallen on hard times, had no where to practive and no decent equipment but this changed this summer, after spending over $10,000 on equiptment and now they have a new place to train, at Lions Den Gym not far from campus.

The team is incredibly excited about starting training with Milkovich, they know they'll be heading to the national championships with his help.

Florida Gulf Coast University competes in the National Collegiate Wrestling Associations as well as other big competitons in the south such as the Southeastern Conference.

Milkovich is ready to turn the young men at FGCU into wrestlers and believe in commitment, disciplin and integrity. Watch this space FGCU it'


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