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Always hold on

Posted on November 14, 2011 , by charley

In our ever changing lifestyles it’s hard to find a hobby that you can see through to the end. Everything seems to be fine and dandy up to our college years, but what happens when you leave college? We have to try and settle down, find a decent job and move out of our parent’s basement. But this shouldn't mean you have to give up hobbies and sports activities that mean a lot to you. Whether you want to keep wrestling or try coaching, there are always clubs and teams that will take you on and give you a chance to prove yourself.

Even Wrestling Camps have children signing up for them weeks at a time. Over the summer months camps need people to become counsellors and coaches. These camps always need informed and trained wrestlers to help give their input and teach kids how to wrestle in a professional manner.

Sports are great hobbies, like wrestling
If you were ever wondering about a job when you've finished college, maybe turning your sights to coaching would be a good decision. High schools, colleges, sports team and socials are always willing to hire people that have had a wrestling history. If you have a few medals and championships on your CV then you might be hired on the spot, but today schools and teams are looking for people with a coaching qualification, there are always coaching courses that you can go on to obtain this certification.

Leaving college and trying to settle down into the normal routine of things can be a scary aspect, but if you can still have an influence on the sport you've taken part in for the last 15 years, that’s a highlight, especially if you can have a close bond with the sport, like coaching.

Wrestling is a great sport and hobby for children

So keep on grappling and holding on to your hobbies and try and let nothing get in the way. Wrestling is here to keep us entertained, informed, healthy and focused, whether we still play it, coach it or have passed on our experiences to our kids and we are now sat in the bleachers watching them take part.

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