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A diffferent wreslting Angle.

Posted on November 7, 2011 , by charley

Kurt Angle is known across the states for his wrestling attributes in the WWE and TNA along with many other wrestling companies. But he wasn't always in the spot light or on TV, he was brought up through the reigns like many other amateur wrestlers. He worked his way wrestling hard through High School and then on to College, even after he finished and graduated College he still carried on wrestling. In 1996 he won the Olympic Gold Medal in Atlanta, leading from this he was then imported to wrestle in the WWE (or what was once the WWF).
Naturally wrestlers approaching their 30’s after winning a gold medal have a couple of choices they can choose from, either becoming a coach of a University, College or Academy Team or if they’re really lucky they can be drafted into a wrestling roster like Kurt Angle did along with many others.

Naturally money earning potential can be a big part of why they sign a contract for a wrestling company and also the chance of having regular TV time, which is another factor of why they might write down their "John Hancock". But the two styles of sport are very different but yet are similar at the same time. With both sports you'll find a certain level of professionalism that you have to obtain and are both very demanding sports where you have to be at the peak of your fitness physically and mentally on the mat.

The differences are that in Olympic wrestling it’s all about grappling your opponent and trying to get a pin count on them. Whereas in WWE there can be high flying stunts that are all choreographed for visual entertainment of the viewer, there are also scripted pieces of monologues and ‘feuds’ with other wrestlers, even though behind the scenes they could be best friends.

Some people may look down on WWE and other wrestling entertainments and blame them for taking away from Olympic wrestling, but they've added to it, making kids want to learn how to wrestle, that’s if they can understand the fact it’s not actually the style of wrestling they’re used to watching on TV. But they will soon understand that a lot of what you watch on TV today, began on the mat in high schools and then leading on to colleges and academies.

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