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Wrestling Headgear

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Wrestling Headgear

About Wrestling Headgear

Protecting yourself is incredibly important when participating in the sport of wrestling. Yes, we
all want to show what we’re made of, but at the end of the day injuries to the head and face can
become serious. At My Wrestling Room, we provide the best in protective Headgear for youth
wrestlers. You will find products from Cliff Keen, Brute, Shockwave and Shock Doctor to protect your
ears, head and mouth.

Where’s your head at?

It’s very sensible to invest in protective gear, which minimizes strikes and blows around the head
and face.
Common problems arise with strikes to the ears, so choose a product from our range of headgear,
which offers comfortable protection to the ears, allowing clear audio and stable strapping.
The tornado headgear from Cliff Keen is stable strapping. The Tornado has been tested by NASA and
comes in a range of colors including glow in the dark!
If you want more protection around the ears and head chose the Brute GR-9 headgear, this fully
padded piece covers the ears and comes in purple, red and blue. There is less strapping with this
particular headgear, but provides comfortable stable protection to the head and ears.
Mouth Guards are always a great idea, especially if you don’t want to ruin that Hollywood smile. The
Shock Doctor Mouth guard offers a gel inner, which moulds to your teeth and a harder exoskeleton
to protect the teeth in case of impact.

For any youth starting wrestling or if you’re already on a team, consider headgear. It will keep you
safe and minimize injury, allowing you to carry on with your wrestling to the best of your ability.
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