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Tom Brands-Dominant Hand Fighting Skills-DVD

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Strong hand fighters control the entire wrestling match

Product Information

The wrestler with dominant hand fighting skills adds another dimension to their offense.

  • A good hand fighter can move his opponent where he doesn't want to go - taking him out of his comfort zone and allowing for more scoring opportunities.

  • Tom Brands, whose hand fighting skills lead him to Olympic and World titles, shows the Push-Pull-Side-to-Side concept of hand fighting.

  • With proper hand fighting techniques, your wrestlers can control the entire match.

  • Coach Brands shows you how to run three to four different techniques to keep your wrestlers on the offensive.

  • The key principles he drives home revolve around head position, foot position and movement to establish pressure and keep the opponent coming to you.

  • Take your wrestling offense to a new level with this excellent hand fighting instruction.

  • 41 minutes. 2005.