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Terry Brands: Learning The Fundamentals

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Learn the fundamentals from the legendary Terry Brands!

Product Information

with Terry Brands,
USA National Freestyle Resident Coach,
Bronze Medalist 2000 Olympic Games
2X World Champion
2X NCAA Champion at University of Iowa,
former Head Coach University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Terry Brands lays the foundation for successful wrestling with this video, which is filled with skills and drills every wrestler needs to know to become successful.
  • Brands begins with an in-depth look at the five most important skills in wrestling: Stance, motion, level change, penetration and drive to the finish.
  • From there he goes into three different categories: Offense skills and drills from the feet, counter offense skills and drills and down position.
  • In each area Brands interlaces skills with drills.
  • This tape is a must for young or beginning wrestlers, and even for the more experienced wrestler who may have gotten away from the basics.

  • 68 minutes. 2003.