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Wrestling Icons- Tom Brands

Posted on October 17, 2011 , by junowebdesign

Tom Brands was born on the 9th of April 1968 in Nebraska, he was raised and live in Sheldon Iowa. Brands is a gold medal Olympic Games winner and the head wrestling coach at the University of Iowa.  He is mainly known for his ‘In Your Face!’ style and aggressiveness on the wrestling mat.  He has brought out several VHS and DVDS that
teach his style of wrestling. When he attended the University of Iowa, he
was being coached by the world famous Dan Gable, who also won a gold medal in
the Olympic Games.

As well as having a thunderous aggressive style on the mat, he was also an intense competitor, which led him to have an undefeated season in 1991 at the University of Iowa, where he went an impressive 45-0.  His overall career record at the University was 158-7-2, this made him a 4 time All-America, a 3 time NCAA Champion, a 3
time Big Ten Conference Champion and an Outstanding Wrestler at the 1992 NCAA

On the international circuit Tom Brands won the Gold Medal in the freestyle 62kg, at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.  He also won gold at the Toronto Championships in 1993, two World Cup gold medals in both 1994 and 1995 and also, won gold at the Pan American Games in 1995.  He won four U.S. National titles between the years of 1993 and 1996 and also made four U.S World or Olympic teams between the same years.
Named as the 1993 USA Wrestling Athlete of the Year, was one of Brands personal career highlights, but adding to that was the 1993 John Smith Outstanding Freestyle Wrestler Award, the 1993 Amateur Wrestling News Man of the Year, and then in 2001 his career hit an all-time high when he was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

Serving now as Head Coach at the University of Iowa, Tom Brands has magnificently spent his wrestling career, leading Iowa into National titles in 2008, 2009 and 2010, having a conference record of 8-0 making them 1st.

Tom Brands is thankful for everything that he has accomplished and we salute him for that.
Thank you Mr Brands for bringing home the Gold for us in 1996 on our own
turf, you are a National Wrestling Hero.

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