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Wrestling Headgear,Cauliflower Ear, and Head Position

Posted on July 19, 2012 , by chris

Head Position, Head Position, Head Position.....

Many wrestlers complain that wearing headgear can be very annoying and uncomfortable.  That's why some only wear it during matches. During practice, they choose to abandon headgear and risk getting "cauliflower" ear. While many say "cauliflower" ear is a right of passage in the sport of wrestling, it is not a necessary part of the sport. It can be avoided in two ways. The first one is to constantly maintain head position while wrestling. The second way is to find  wrestling headgear  that is not annoying and uncomfortable to wrestle with. Giving up head position is the number one way of getting cauliflower ear. Giving up head position not only increases the likely hood of getting your ears getting messed up, but it also increases the chance of getting scored on. Your head is the first line of defense when wrestling, so by letting your opponent gain head position automatically puts you at a disadvantage. Your opponent is closer to getting the angle he needs to take his shot while simultaneously bypassing your first line of defense. In order for you to get in a better position, you must fight against his head and attempt to get your forehead against the side of his head. Watch any experienced wrestlers wrestle and you will see that head position is very important in order to score and not be scored on. In many matches, wrestlers will constantly fight to gain head position.

Easier Said Than Done

Always having good head position when wrestling is easier said then done. You and your opponent will both be fighting to gain head position and it will be a battle. The first wrestler to quit during these battles is usually the one whose ears can't take the beating anymore.The only way to ensure that you don't get cauliflower ear is to wear headgear. We're not just talking about wearing any headgear during these battles, we're talking about the most advanced and best wrestling headgear on the market. Wrestling headgear doesn't have to carry stigma that it does with wrestler. Here at MyWrestlingRoom, we offer the most innovative and advanced headgear on the market. We offer reviews and advice to help you select the best wrestling head gear so that it does not have to be a chore to always wear headgear when wrestling.  Finding the right headgear will not only prevent you from getting cauliflower ear, but will also allow you to battle for head position longer because your ears won't be hurting!

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