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The Wrestling Knight-hood.

Posted on October 10, 2011 , by charley

Dickinson High School open their doors and prepare themselves for Knight. We're not talking about the guys in armor, we're talking about Steve Knight, who along side Dickinson's head coach, Bruce Heppner, have set up a 3 day wrestling camp.

Knight had watched Dickinson win the 2o11 Colorado Excel National Team Camp tournament back in June, and knew something special was happening at Dickinson High School.

“I saw such passion and excitement in those kids,” Knight said. “It was day four and those kids where still battling. They couldn’t get enough. I just liked their enthusiasm and spirit.”

The camp is going to  bring together the skills and talent of other wrestlers and encourage juniors and youths to get into wrestling.

Senior Captain at Dickinson, Alec Lindsey said “It’s a pretty big deal, around here wrestling isn’t as popular as most sports. It’s probably actually one of our better years here.”

Their better year started with the high note of winning the tournament in June and the coaches know that Dickinson have a lot of potential for the new season.

“With the passion that these kids have, it’s all a matter of getting them to believe a state championship is in the cards for them,” Knight said. “The future looks bright for these kids.”

Knight himself has some amazing credentials which run a list as long as your arm. He is the former head coach for NCAA Division 1 powerhouse in Iowa State. He served as an Olympic coach on the US World Cup and Pan America, and was a Pan American gold medalist at the All American selection in Iowa State, Knights talents don't stop there.

Knights presence at Dickinson High School for the wrestling camp, won't just encourage the younger gen


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