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Ssirum Wrestling

Posted on January 26, 2012 , by junowebdesign

Another leaf from the book of international wrestling. Today the My Wrestling Room team take a look at Ssirum Wrestling.

Ssirum or Korean Wrestling  is the national sport of Korea and is a style of folk wrestling.

Wrestlers wear a belt which wraps around the waist and top of the thigh, the modern version of Ssirum tries to avoid any injury to the opponents and they lock onto each others belt, the challenge being, to bring down the opposition and for any part of their body above the knee to hit the floor.

Ssirum became incredibly popular during the 14th century and spread throughout Korea. Like Sumo Wrestling, Ssirum is fought in a circular ring. The match starts with the wrestlers facing each other in the grappling position with their hands on the opponents belt, when the match starts, it is the first wrestler to bring his opponent down, making anywhere above the knee touch the floor. Unlike Sumo, where wrestlers can push each other out of the ring to gain points, this is simply a re-start in Ssirum, matches tend to award points on the best of 3.

Ssirum offers 4 different weight classes and you will find today, that many women partake in this sport.

Although they seem similar there are differences between Sumo and Ssirum wrestling. Slaps and blows are not permitted in Ssirum but are in Sumo. All wrestlers tend to be large, which doesn't always guarantee success, bu Ssirum Wrestlers are more lean.

Ssirum and Sumo are both traditional and national sports of their relative countries and command great respect in the industry and within the spectating world.

Once again, if you ever get to watch these sports, take the chance, its a great way to see how others doe things on the other side of the world.


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