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Set it up Sumo

Posted on January 25, 2012 , by junowebdesign

Yesterday we took a look at the traditional and manly sport of Mongolian Wrestling, today we're moving further afield and taking an in-dept look at Sumo Wrestling, originating in the country of Japan.

Sumo is a full contact sport where wrestlers try to force one another out of a ring, or to touch the ground with another part of the body- not just their feet. Sumo Wrestling has been around since the 16th Century and a popular sport in Japan.

There is much tradition and a whole pre-match routine that the wrestlers go through, including ornate dress. Wrestlers will arrive at the venue the afternoon of their match, enter their dressing rooms which are on opposite sides to their opponents an whilst there prepare for their first "bout" or match.

There are many traditions associated with sumo wrestling such as throwing salt across the ring and drinking "power water" then drying his lips with "power paper".

At the beginning of the bout, both sumo's must face each other exactly, squat and clap their hands, then opening their arms wide to show they have no weapons.

When they are ready for the bout, the Sumo's face each other, placing both fists on the ground then springing into action, although this part of the bout can last for a long time, as they return to their corners for more mental preparation.

It is only up to the referee to tell the Sumo's when the bout actually begins.

It sounds like a lot of waiting around, but many matches only last up to the maximum of around 4 minutes, if the Sumo's are still in combat, the ref can call for a "water break", he takes stock of their positions then replaces them exactly when they re enter the ring.

Amazing stuff, Sumo Wrestling, if you ever get the chance, is an incredible sport for spectators.

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