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Pros and Cons of Wrestling

Posted on May 28, 2012 , by junowebdesign

We all love wrestling, but what are the advantages and disadvantages that many wrestlers run into? From physical to mental strength, this is one sport that definitely has a lot to offer.

Physical Fitness

If you want a sport that encourages physical fitness, then wrestling is hard to beat. You need to be in top physical condition to compete successfully, developing endurance, muscle strength as well as flexibility. Coaches teach you how to make the most of your strengths, meaning this is one sport that can make use of your individual talents.


Discipline is a big part of wrestling. From keeping a strict nutrition regime to stay within weight classes to getting out of bed on a cold morning for training, wrestling will make you a more disciplined person. Top wrestlers will develop a disciplined and healthy lifestyle that’s good for their overall fitness and helps to maximise their wrestling talent.

Mental Strength

Mental strength is something that all good wrestlers have. Being out there on the mat on your own can be daunting, but the best wrestlers are able to deal with the pressure and channel it into their game. Coming back from a loss can also be difficult, but the sport is all about winning and losing and being able to deal with both.


Unfortunately, as wrestling is a contact sport, injuries are something that many wresters will experience at some point. Safety equipment is therefore essential, from headgear to the right wresting shoes and knee pads. Injury can never be completely guarded against due to the nature of the sport, but the right equipment can help.

There are also some unhealthy practices within the sport, such as unhealthy weight loss techniques in order to make weight. So long as you prepare in advance and stick to your regime, hopefully you’ll be able to avoid these and continue in the best practices of the sport.

If you’re looking for a sport that gives you all round mental and physical fitness, then look no further than wrestling.

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