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  • Weighing in for wrestling

    Most people assume that the toned fit body of a wrestler is something to behold. Some wrestlers will stick to a strict diet to drop a weight class. But the wrestling team at Galesburgh High School tried something different, they had a chicken wing eating contest, not to bulk up and gain weight, not to[...]

  • World Championships win for Burroughs.

    Jordan Burroughs stepped up onto the mat for the U.S. Open after 5 months of staying away from freestyle wrestling and now he's a world champion. Burroughs performance was incredible, beating the 2010 world silver medalist Sedegh Goudarzi of Iran 3-2, 4-1 to gain a gold medal at the World Championships.  "It's an amazing feeling right now," Burroughs[...]

  • Greco Roman World Wrestling success

    The Turkish Greco Roman Wrestling team have had great success winning Olympic births and their coach is over the moon.
    The Wrestling Team won one gold, one silver and two bronze medals in the Greco Roman wrestling competitions at the World Wrestling Championships in Istanbul. The team gave an incredible performance.
    “Our boys wrestled very well in[...]

Your Future career in Wrestling

During his junior year at High School, Brian Van Hoven noticed a few odd fans at his wrestling matches. They were Marines Recruiters, and were sat with wrestling coaches and scouts.
Van Hoven was incredibly skilled at Wrestling, and began the sport very young, under the watchful and encouraging eye of his uncle, a former professional[...]

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