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  • Wrestling Icons- John Smith

    John Smith is without a doubt an undeniable American wrestling legend.  The achievements he has gained during his career and as a wrestler and coach are phenomenal, almost impossible for someone to be able to re-enact. Naturally his career started in high school, but is love for wrestling began at home.
    Born in Oklahoma and living in Del City[...]

  • Wrestling Icons- Terry Brands

    Terry Brands is not one to walk in his brothers’ shadow. Born on the same day as his twin Tom Brands, Terry is also a significant American Wrestler and has done a lot for the wrestling community.
    Starting his career early like his brother, Terry went to the University of Iowa where he competed in[...]

  • Wrestling Icons- Bruce Baumgartner

    Bruce Baumgartner is recognisable for always having a fantastic moustache and is without doubt Americas most decorated and well deserved Wrestlers.  The amount of Wrestling medals and career highlights he has collected is so incredible that the list is as long as my arm.  However, you can also credit him for the work he does[...]

Wrestling Icons- Tom Brands

Tom Brands was born on the 9th of April 1968 in Nebraska, he was raised and live in Sheldon Iowa. Brands is a gold medal Olympic Games winner and the head wrestling coach at the University of Iowa.  He is mainly known for his ‘In Your Face!’ style and aggressiveness on the wrestling mat.  He has brought out[...]

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