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Mongolian Wrestling

Posted on January 24, 2012 , by junowebdesign

There are many different variations on the sport of wrestling, right across the globe. Today the team at My Wrestling Room are taking a look at Mongolian Wrestling. This came out of a conversation about travel and where we would like most to take a vacation. One of the team wants to do the Trans Siberian Express, a 3 week train journey from Moscow in Russia, right across to Beijing in China. Part of the journey allows you to stop off and see the sights, meet people and stay with families in Mongolia.

One of their traditional pass times is the sport of Wrestling. Bokh- as it is called and means "durability" in Mongolian, is held as an incredibly important part of the Mongolian history, as it is one of the "Three Manly Skills" the other two include Horsemanship and Archery.

Gengis Khan felt that Wrestling was a very important sport and kept his army in tip top condition.

The Mongolian National Nadam of "game" happens every year in July and brings together hundreds of wrestlers.

What you will notice about Mongolian Wrestling compared to the USA sport, is the dress. Their uniform has evolved over the years to create something simple and strong, which doesn't restrict but also echos history and tradition in the bright colours and materials.

The uniform includes : A Jodag, a tight collarless cropped jacket, that provides sleeves and is open at the front to reveal the wrestlers chest.

Shuudag- are small tight fitting briefs in either red or blue, this allows the wrestler to move freely.

Finally the leather boots, are reinforced. Some wrestlers wear a necklace of colourful ribbons to show their success in previous competitions.

Mongolian Wrestling makes the sport a creative art form and really brings fourth the traditions of this incredible sport.

Once you've mastered wrestling skills, remember to practice your horsemanship and archery.

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