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Keep a cool head

Posted on December 19, 2011 , by junowebdesign

Keeping a cool head whilst performing on the mat can be an important part of your game.  When put under the pressure of fighting for your school, college or sports team you have to be focused on making the right plays and figuring out your opponents next moves.  So, you need to be in the right mind set to be able to combat the noise and cheers coming from the crowd and try to block them out so you can focus on the one goal of winning the fight.

Another way of keeping a cool head is to wear protective helmets and here at mywrestlingroom.com we have some new inventory to make you look good and feel safe on the mat.

With our 10% off holiday special, these are a great stocking filler to make sure your athlete is protected in the most vulnerable places.

We have two types of ear-guard/helmet on offer that come in a range of different colours, we have the ASICS Conquest Earguard and the Brute ClassiX 2.0.  Both of them are one size fits all, so they are good to buy for any growing athlete.

Other protection we have on offer includes the Brute Torq Knee Pad, that will keep your legs and knee joints stable and well protected, to combat other opponents.  Both ranges of protection are available in different colours, so that you can match your school, college or sports teams colour with what you wear on your head or knees.

Keeping a cool head on the mat is almost as important as keeping a safe one.  So having one of our ear guards is the best way to keep you feeling safe and secure whilst fighting opponents. This protects and reduces injury a must have for those starting out in wrestling.

My Wrestling Room is proud to stock a huge range of products that are perfect gifts for those wrestling enthusiasts.

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