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Grappling with skin disorders

Posted on January 12, 2012 , by junowebdesign

Yesterday we posted about the most common injuries which could be cause by wrestling. Today the team at My Wrestling Room bring you a post about skin disorders that can be transferred through the sport of Wrestling.

Now generally the first rule of thumb when it comes to skin disorders and contagious diseases, is that any wrestler who has either, should not attend practice or compete in matches. This is the first way of preventing the spread to anyone else.

Communicable diseases have, in the past, shut down whole wrestling teams, which is the last thing anyone wants, so we have put together some steps and offer some great products to help minimise the effects of Communicable diseases.

Firstly, if you have any rashes or don't feel the best, see your Dr. They will determine what is going on and offer medication and a course of action. Next, let your coach know, especially if other people are coming down with the same issue.

Even at training there are ways of minimising anything spread between the team.

Defense offers a range of products that can be used on a daily basis to help keep skin healthy and clean.

Defense Barrier Foam provides a protection against mat grime. Rub this into the skin before practise, it also contains natural oils to keep skin healthy.

Defense Healing Salve is a product that not only helps heal those scrapes caused by work on the mat, but also prevent conditions such as ring worm and herpes.

After training make sure you hit the showers with an effecting cleanser and use a sponge or shower puff to properly cleanse the skin. All of these points will help keep those nasties at bay and stop anything spreading through the team.

Keep skin healthy and pin down those skin disorders.

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