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Going back to your Wrestling Roots.

Posted on October 3, 2011 , by charley

El Paso has a nice surprise this week when a former student returned to run a one day wrestling clinic at Jefferson High School. Archie Randall brought along hid assistant coach and 4 National All American OCU Wrestlers to help run the clinic.

Randall himself is a National Champion Wrestling Coach and has received some great awards during his coaching career. In 2009 he received the USA Wrestling Presidents award and in 2010 was recognised as College Women's Wrestling Coach of the year. At Oklahoma City University, Randall started a wrestling group which went onto win three WCWA College Women's National Team Championships and four NWCA College Women's National Dual Team Championships. Randall coached 16 WCWA College Women National Champions, 54 WCWA College Women all Americans, and 11 NAIA College Men's All Americans.

Whilst holding the post of head coach at El Reno, Randall coached 56 High Champions, 56 State Placers, and 22 all state wrestlers. Randall's Career has been prosperous, his skill of coaching are incredible and it shows by how his numbers rack up.

Randall's Team won the A4 Oklahoma individual State Team Championships 11 years in a row, that's some going! As well as the A4 Oklahoma Wrestling Dual State Championships 10 years in a row! Not only this but Randall was the Oklahoma Wrestling Coaches Association Coach eight times, if you want to start wrestling in Oklahoma, you know who you need to coach you.

Archies return to El Paso was to run wrestling clinics to teach juniors some basic wrestling skills and to encourage them to take part in wrestling as a chosen sport at high school or college. Randall has made a great career out of the sport he loves, and wants to share and grow the love for wrestling which commands great mental toughness, focus and strength. Its a great sport to choose to build confidence as well as keeping incredibly fit.

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